Clergy Letter

A Letter from Fr. Tim

Dear Friends

August 2019

As I write this at the beginning of July, we have only just entered that long “Green season” in the Church’s calendar that we know, from the Book of Common Prayer, as the ‘Sundays after Trinity’

They will go right on into Autumn, and good they are for us too!… 

This is because they can help all that we have thought of in our faith from Advent last year right through till Ascension, Pentecost and Trinity Sunday this year to sink more deeply into our minds and hearts as we continue to reflect on the love and grace of God shown to us, and made accessible to us through Jesus.

In the modern, ‘Common Worship’, lectionary, we have kept largely unchanged these ancient “Sundays after Trinity”, but I do have a sneaking sense of approval for the attempt made by the Alternative Service Book (ASB) in 1980 – remember that? It became obsolete in 2000, so you may not, but in that book, we could refer to these same ‘Sundays after Trinity’ as ‘Sundays of Pentecost’.  

 I am fairly sure that the reasoning behind this in the ASB was to remind us that the Church was officially born, given life, on that first Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit fell on the Apostles gathered together in prayer after the Ascension of Jesus (see Acts 2:1-21).

By naming these ‘Sundays of Pentecost’, we were being reminded weekly in this Green Season that we still needed that same Spirit.

In Church on Pentecost Sunday this year, I reflected on the Holy Spirit’s coming upon those praying disciples:  

The gift of the Spirit was notable for three C’s:

* Communication: they spoke in all sorts of languages, so that all sorts of people heard the Good News in a way they could understand and respond to. That is our challenge today.

* Celebration: the crowds thought the disciples were drunk (but helpfully Peter told them that it was only 9 in the morning, and therefore unlikely!). Rather, they were excited and joyful. That is our gift today.

* Communion: those first Christians knew that Jesus had promised that the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, Counsellor, Comforter, would actually dwell in them.  That is our amazing privilege today.

 With my good wishes and prayers that our ‘Sundays after Trinity’ may truly be ‘Sundays of Pentecost’ too!        

 Every Blessing,                                               Fr Tim


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