Clergy Letter

A Letter from Fr. Robert

Dear Friends

July 2019

When you read this I will have just marked the third anniversary since my Ordination in 2016, yes, I have now been at St. Peter’s for three years! I look back and mark with great gratitude all I have learnt amongst you and with you, and I rejoice in the new friendships I have found. I still shudder at how hard it was to get into step with the choreography of worship which almost seems second nature now.

All this reminiscing reminds me of a Christian song I have in my record collection, yes on vinyl not disc, which includes the line:

“Sometimes it’s good to look back down,
we’ve come so far, we’ve gained such ground,
but joy is not in where we’ve-been,
Joy is who’s waiting at the end.”
(from Road to Zion by Petra)

There is always hope when we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus wherever life might take us, but the theology of the song is weak. The joy of knowing Jesus is not just in the hope of heaven, because we journey in the power of the Holy Spirit, who allows us to sense his presence with us, upholding and inspiring, and calling us higher.

Before my ordination I was incredibly anxious about what the future might hold but whilst at St Peter’s I have often looked at the beautiful West Window and been emboldened by the image of Christ enthroned in Glory.

It was knowing that Jesus had reached his rightful place in heaven that inspired the early church to trust in Jesus in every circumstance of life, and it is my prayer that we too can learn to be as confident as they were wherever we find ourselves.

 Every Blessing,                                               Fr Robert


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