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Dear Friends

March 2019

My placement will be nearing completion when you read this, but one memory that will be sticking with me is a conversation I had with a local farmer, who also runs a potato packing plant. He took great delight in telling me that the Roding valley is full of rich fertile clay which is especially good for growing potatoes, and not just any old potatoes, GOLD STANDARD POTATOES.

It’s hard to think something as simple as the dirt in the fields could make such a huge difference to the final crop, but it does. This short conversation got me thinking about the metaphorical soil we disciples are planted in, and whether the little things could make the difference between a standard disciple and a gold standard disciple.

Jesus told the parable of the sower, in which the soil did indeed make all the difference to how people responded to the gospel message. I have always loved that parable and wondered if it needed a follow up story in which the farmer goes back and tends the soil, breaking up the hard paths, digging out the rocks and pulling up the thorns. Lent could be the time when we go through that process for ourselves. Resolving to keep a spiritual discipline instead of giving up chocolate could make all the difference. Could we read one of the gospels more closely this Lent, join a discussion group, follow a particular cycle of prayer each day. Perhaps if we did then by the Grace of God, we might grow closer to being that Gold Standard which is seen perfectly in Jesus.

Every Blessing,

Fr. Robert



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